Bringing Meditation to Life

Zen teacher, monk, and combat veteran Claude AnShin Thomas shares his experiences and insights into how Zen teachings and practice can move off the meditation cushion and into everything we do, transforming all aspects of our lives.

Presented in 108 short, to-the-point, provocative chapters, this book offers essential instruction on sitting meditation practice and how it can inform our relationships, communication, conflicts, peace work, and more. Interspersed throughout the book are some of the author’s favorite quotes from Zen literature.

AnShin touches on such topics as:

  • Living the Buddhist precepts
  • Coping with uncomfortable emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame
  • Embracing not knowing
  • The simple yet powerful practice of bowing
  • How to find peace with our unpeacefulness

Drawn from public talks and earlier writings, Bringing Meditation to Life distills the essence of Claude AnShin’s approach to Zen practice.

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